Blog As Spring Approaches

As spring is under way, the farming and agricultural industry is gearing up for another busy season. Field-work means vehicles and tyres must be safely and properly inflated for meting heavy workloads and busy schedules.

Wheel changing of large agricultural vehicles is not easy and safety has to be paramount. In open uneven ground the situation can be even more complicated. Tyres can explode if they are not inflated safely. Serious accidents, including fatalities, have been caused by unsafe practices during wheel and tyre changing and when inflating tyres.

The average size of wheels and tyres has increased significantly and they are now heavier and therefore more difficult to hold and manoeuvre than ever before. As a result changing creates a greater risk of manual handling injuries.

Recovering or repairing wheels and tyres in the field for tractors or larger agricultural vehicles can introduce new hazards and create additional risks. In these it will be safer to attempt the repair in a workshop or sue a specialist contractor. Doing this will keep you safe and save you time and money.

Wherever you tackle repairs yourself safety is paramount. Factors to consider may include:

  • the impact of adverse weather conditions such as wind or rain;
  • poor lighting, eg at dusk;
  • ground conditions, eg wet or soft surfaces;
  • the location of OHPLs;
  • the need to ensure safety for access or work at height, eg on combines.


We always plan the job and use safe systems of work whether in our own workshop or in your field and farm yard. Your specialist contractor will consider and have experience of all the safety issues around changing tyres on farms and agricultural land.

Whether the job is part of routine maintenance, or as a result of a puncture or tyre damage, tyre, wheel repair and replacement should only be tackled by competent staff.

It is important, time saving and safer to use a specialist contractor who will have the experience the safety knowledge and he right equipment.