The goal as a Company is to have Service that is not just the best, but legendary. We provide a one stop shop for tyre servicing requirements keeping your plant on the move

Earthmover Tyre Solutions have the expertise, equipment, and experience to provide a complete solution for your tyre servicing needs.


Our fleet of mobile maintenance units and purpose-built tyre fitting trucks are available to provide safe and efficient on-site servicing and repairs throughout the UK.  The fleet ranges from 3.5 to 42 tonne units ensuring we can accommodate the full range of requirements.

On-site, we can provide:

  • Servicing
  • Fitting
  • Repair
  • Loan Tyres
  • On-site maintenance inspections
  • Rotation (turn on rims)
  • Hiab Service
  • Tyre-fill Weekend Service (collect Friday, return Monday)

In- House

Earthmover Tyre Solution’s on-going reinvestment in the business means we now have an extensive infrastructure which enables us to provide the majority of services the commercial, industrial or agricultural sectors might require. Our repair centre is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and our team of technicians are all fully qualified and follow our strict procedures to ensure safety and quality.

Furthermore, our weekend service, in conjunction with our loan service, means we can collect Friday and bring back Monday ensuring working downtime is kept to a minimum.

Major Repairs:  Earthmover Tyre Solution’s operate two, custom-built Tyre Curing facilities (Autoclave) for major and multiple repairs on tyres up to a rim size of 51”.  Manned by experienced and qualified tyre servicing technicians, major and minor repairs are carried out to the highest Standards (BSU159) and we provide a Major Repair guarantee.

Solid Tyre Pressing:  We operate a custom-built Tyre press which is capable of pressing solid tyres with a rim size of up to 45”.

Foam Fill:  Our Foam filling service allows us to combine a good selection of pneumatic tyres with the stability and puncture proofing of solid tyres.

Foam filled tyres cannot be punctured avoiding costly downtime and tyre replacements, this makes them ideal for Construction Sites, Landfill/recycling facilities and areas of rough terrain.

Tyre Regrooving:  We have invested significantly in the latest Tyre Regrooving Technology in the form of our Regrooving Station.

Earthmover Tyre Solutions is the only earthmover tyre Service provider to offer this level of regrooving technology in-house.

Tyre Regrooving is the fastest and easiest way to make tyres last longer and reduce costs, regrooving extends the tyre grip potential, when a tyre is regrooved, a tread pattern is re-cut into the existing tyre rubber.

A tyre that has been regrooved will benefit from improved grip and performance and extended tyre life, helping you get the maximum benefit from your tyre investment and also reducing Environmental impact.