Blog Tyres and bad weather

Apart from snow this winter we seem to have experienced every type of extreme weather possible, with gale force winds and torrential rain being the worst. Wet weather increases dangers for plant driving on and off road and in these conditions it is even more essential to have safe tyres with the right pressure and suffient tread (link this to blog on safety of tyres and how to check them).

In the last twenty years the quality and effectiveness and safety of tyres has increased. The reason compulsive trend depths were made a legal requirement is the increased chance of an accident as tread depth decreases.  Other things affecting tyre pressure:

  • Load
  • Correct tyre pressure
  • State and quality of road or track surface
  • Suitability of tyre for the job you are doing

Correct pressures are affected by weather road conditions, road conditions and quality. Overloading can obviously affect the pressure of tyres so make sure you check loads and pressures.

Strong winds cause danger from flying debris and debris lying unseen on dark roads and tracks. Poor road surface and consequently poor drainage means more build up of surface water. Made more difficult at night surface water increases the risk of spray blinding drivers and of cars and for car drivers driving too fast through standing water could lead to tyres losing contact with the road, aquaplaning.  A car driver losing control is a hazard for everyone.

Correct tyres with the correct pressure, will ensure if you have to break suddenly or face challenging conditions, increase your safety. driver aquaplaning. Fog reduces visibility and combined with rain as we have seen this winter increases all these hazards.