Introducing The Unsung Heroes of Sustainable Tyre Use

The tyre industry’s quest to improve sustainability and cut pollution has many celebrated success stories. Our recent blog on the subject pointed to recycling, re-treading and repurposing as three ways we reduce generated waste as a company dedicated to ending landfill waste. However, there are two less renowned methods that are currently keeping millions of tyres in use and out of landfill for longer. 

Meet the heroes

They are tyre fill and tyre sealant, both of which prevent punctures and reduce wear on tyres, extending their lifespan by years.

Around 55 million tyres are thrown away annually in the UK due to punctures and wear. Few of these are truly worn out beyond reasonable use, and even those that are could have been kept in use for 20-40% longer with sealant. In the worst cases, a tyre can be produced and paid for, only to get a puncture straight away and end up being disposed of.  This never happens with foam or sealant filled tyres.

That’s why Earthmover Tyre Solutions offer both services for tyres we sell, as well as existing tyres brought to us. We recommend the service to any OTR vehicle operator, as it lets you save money on replacement tyres while helping to save the planet.

Tyre fill and tyre sealant – What are they?

Tyre fill is a chemical compound that replaces the air in OTR tyres with a semi-solid foam that performs similarly or better, eliminating punctures and extending the tyre’s lifespan.

Similarly, tyre sealant instantly seals punctures and extends tyre life by cooling and preventing air loss, according to manufacturers, OKO.

Additionally, the sealant is non-hazardous and tyres with it in can be recycled, while the filler foam is made of 50% recycled material itself.

All in all, filler and sealant mean that a lot of tyres are kept out of landfill and a lot of money kept in your pocket.

As an environmentally friendly company who send zero waste to landfill, we’re more than happy to help you make your operation more sustainable with these products. Just contact us with any questions on using and adapting to them. You don’t have to be a client and there’s no obligation.

Find out more about how we avoid pollution and send zero waste to landfill

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